The purpose of this website is dedicated to explore the world of unusual semiprecious and rare stones. Agates, jaspers, picture stones or gem material with interesting inclusions, are my goals. Designers, gemologist and collectors will fulfill their needs and gain more knowledge of new gemstones offered in the marked. Most of the stones are cut in my lab. Any questions or comments will be appreciated.

My name is Mauro Pantò, I began in 1972 starting as a fossil amateur, studying Paleontology, Mineralogy and Geology, and finally Gemology.

I travelled in many countries, especially Asia and particularly Thailand. I have been living 4 years in Bangkok where I studied Gemology at AIGS ( Asian Institute of Gemological Science). I had a cutting factory and designed jewelry and cut stones for several years.

At the moment I cooperate with Rivista Gemmologica Italiana, where I write sometimes some articles and shoot some photos.You will find some of the most extensive variety of exotic and rare gemstones never cut or seen in the market before.Some cut rare stones has been presented to the market for the first time in the world.You may find some news regarding these interesting gem materials at the Gem-A and Gems & Gemology magazines.All pictures are taken by me in my studio in Italy. Dealers discount.

I live and work in Laigueglia(SV), Italy.

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